by Dr. Michael House
PT, DSc, OCS, Board Certified, Fellow of AAOMPT




I recently spoke to a man who said that he did not need PT because he just takes Oxycontin (an opioid) and that solves his problem.

But the problem is, it doesn’t solve his problem.

Unfortunately the gentleman is overweight, his pain returns again and again. And the drugs are not cheap.

This is a great explanatory video!

Try physical therapy where the side effects are a sense of accomplishment, enlightenment, independence, and fitness.

Back To Motion Physical Therapists believe in the personal TOUCH.

When you come to see us, we want you to believe we Taught you something, that we have an Outstanding attitude, we Understood your pain/problem, you felt Cared for, and we Heard you when you were explaining how you felt during your appointment.

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