Now that the New Year is in full swing, your action plan for optimizing your health might be as well. There is one issue to be cautious of. Overexertion.

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Whether you’re seasoned in physical fitness, or initiating a new fitness program, be especially careful to avoid injury.

When were young, we can work hard without detriment. As we age, susceptibility to injury is increased. This is due to being less agile, the loss of muscle mass, and the loss of bone mass. Age also has a detrimental effect on the speed of recovery.

As an adult, take special care in preventing complications as a result of overexertion during exercise. If you want to have a positive, productive, and healthy New Year, continue reading for more information.

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Consult with a Physical Therapist

Naturally, before starting any type of physical fitness program, consult with a doctor to ensure that you’re planning the right type of program for your needs.

Additionally, you should consult with a physical therapist before starting the exercise portion of your regimen.

A physical therapist will help customize exercise plans to benefit your health the most. Additionally, they will help you learn the proper technique of each exercise. They will ensure that you have a solid workout program to accommodate your physical capabilities and any pre-existing conditions you might have.

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Ensure a Proper Warm-Up

According to physical fitness experts, muscles that are “cold” are more prone to injury. You should always make certain to engage in a proper warm-up. This will aid in the circulation of the muscles, reduce stiffness, and  lower the possibility of injury. If you meet with a physical therapist, they will show you how to do a proper warm-up.

Knowing Your Limitations

When working out, you must be aware of your own limitations. Many go for it with a “No, pain. No, gain” attitude. In reality, pain means that something is wrong. Slowing it down might be the most beneficial thing to do. It might be time to consult with a physical therapist to proceed carefully.

Not only will they be able to pinpoint the reason for your pain, but they have can assist you in overcoming that pain. If you do experience soreness or injury, you can use tools like a cold pack or rock tape to help recover swiftly.

[ W A R N I N G ! ]

If you experience a sudden bout of dizziness, become faint, find it difficult to breathe, or suffer from chest pain, call 911 for emergency assistance. These symptoms could indicate a serious, underlying medical problem that could be potentially life-threatening.

By following the steps outlined here, you will be able to avoid overexerting yourself while trying to get physically fit in the New Year.

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