The weather has given us a taste of springtime lately – evidenced by the significant increase of walkers, runners, and cyclists I meet on the road. I am returning to running after a 6 month hiatus and noticing some familiar aches and pains that are talking to me again and thinking to myself, “really?”  I often entertain/distract myself during my runs by analyzing the running pattern of whoever happens to be out there with me.  Often, I find myself wondering if they have knee pain, back pain, tight hips, etc.  What I should be doing is paying attention to my own body and delving deeper into why my OWN aches and pains are still there.

Clearly, it’s time to take an inventory of my body.  The weather has be thinking about spring cleaning when I look around my house – maybe my body needs a little spring cleaning of it’s own.  I don’t want this hint of knee pain to turn into something that keeps me from being active this summer.

Spring is an excellent time to assess where you’re at, set some goals, and tune-up to make sure you can actively enjoy all this nice weather.  The more you know about your body, the more you are able to make good decisions, address problems early, and continue on your way to summertime fun.

We offer Pilates, TRX, and general exercise classes which can be a great way to get moving this spring.  Come in for a tune-up and get some spring back into your step!


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