Transitioning from scrawny to brawny, as a man, may seem like a challenging task. A quick search for muscle-building training programs, diets designed to eliminate body fat, and supplements that guarantee the accumulation of muscle mass will return millions of results. Which are productive and which are nothing more than just products that make empty promises? This may be difficult to determine. In fact, many men find themselves dedicating themselves and their money to programs, diets, and supplements that do nothing more than burn time and money. We here at Back to Motion Physical Therapy know and understand the dilemma that you face. This is why we have developed this series, 8 Simple Steps Men May Take to Quickly Transition from Scrawny to Brawny.

Purpose and Intent
The purpose and intent of this series is to provide the male readers with 8 simple steps that may be taken in order to drop body fat and gain muscle mass. If you are reading this, it is quite likely that you secretly desire to have the type of body that displays strength and projects health. This is not at all unusual for men. In fact, this has been found to increase confidence among men. It is likely that you want to have the type of physique that changes how you see yourself and how others see you. While being “skinny” is often considered to be a goal and appropriate for females, males want and need more. We know and understand that men secretly desire to have muscular bodies that are backed by immense amounts of strength. We plan on providing you with the steps that you need to take in order to develop this body. Each week, we will provide you with one step that you may take. By the end of this series, you should start to notice a distinct difference in how you feel and how you look!

Step # 1: Drink A LOT of Water!
We are sure that you are probably a little disappointed with the first step that we have outlined here that will allow you to transition from scrawny to brawny; however, if you fail to take this step, all of the other steps that you must take will lead to failure. Water is considered to be one of the most favored of all anabolic-based agents, according to bodybuilders. Research has established that muscles are well over 80% of protein when measuring dry weight; however, muscles are not dry – by any means. The muscles in your body are composed of well over 70% of water. The protein processes of the muscles and the contractions of the muscles all happen within water. In order to experience muscle growth, you must consume a large amount of water!

Studies have shown that when athletes participate in resistance training, water from the blood is pumped into the muscle cells and the region identified as the “interstitial space”. This one action create the “pump” that is supposed to occur during workouts. If the body is dehydrated, this process is reversed and water is pulled from the muscles and pushed back into the body’s bloodstream. It does this to preserve blood circulation and to keep the blood pressure at optimal levels for your health. If you want to go from scrawny to brawny, you should consume 20 ounces of water once you get out of bed and before you do anything else. In fact, on average, the male that is working out on a regular basis each day to build muscle mass should consume anywhere from 4 to 7 liters of water each and every single day! If you take this very first step, you are prepping the body to become the brawny body that you have always envisioned!

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