Determining the proper CBD dosage for your needs may prove to be a challenging endeavor. According to research, CBD products offer a large assortment of therapeutic benefits.

CBD Oil Medical Pharmacist Formula

Numerous clinical trials are currently underway that are showing that CBD is beneficial for everything from anxiety to pain to Parkinson’s disease and even cancer.

But what dosage is the right dosage?

What are the potential side effects associated with taking CBD? Continue reading to learn the answers to these questions, and more!

CBD Dosage

The “right” CBD dosage varies from person to person. What is right for one may not be right for another. The factors that go into discovering the proper dosage include the following:

  • The weight of the individual that is going to use the CBD product.
  • The underlying issue that is resulting in the need to take CBD.
  • The amount of CBD that is concentrated within the oil, pill, drop, capsule, or other CBD product.
  • The unique body-based chemistry of the person to take the CBD product.

In order to determine an appropriate dosage, you should consult with a doctor or another type of medical professional that specializes in the product, such as a physical therapist.

These professionals will be able to successfully identify any risks and provide a recommendation that is appropriate for your individual needs.

If you are unable to obtain this type of recommendation, it is advised that you start with a very low CBD dosage and adjust it, over time.

Each week, you may adjust the dosage anywhere from 5mg to 10mg. You should keep track. Once the issue you are attempting to resolve gets better, you may cap the dosage off where you are.

CBD Oil Side Effects

CBD is considered to be a safe, non-habit forming, alternative treatment to traditional prescription and over-the-counter drugs. In some instances, it is used as an alternative to medical treatments, such as surgery.

According to the research that has gone into the substance, the majority of side effects experienced by users are minimal.

A report was released from the World Health Organization. In this, it is stated that CBD does not seem to have a lot of side effects and does not exhibit the potential for dependency; however, there are a few potential side effects. These include the following:

  • Many who take CBD complain of losing their appetite. This side effect is so common that many use the product to assist in weight loss goals.
  • Dry mouth is a symptom that has been reported by users. While this is typically resolved with the ingestion of water and other healthy liquids, it can prove to be detrimental on the dental health as saliva production is necessary to the natural cleansing of the interior mouth region of potentially harmful bacteria.
  • Many people report experiencing a bit of light-headedness while using CBD products. In most instances, this is eliminated by simply lowering the dosage.
  • Many individuals become tired while on CBD; however, it is considered to be an ideal treatment for those that suffer from a sleep disorder. Simply adjusting when the product is used each day can help ensure that if you do become tired, it does not impact you at inopportune times of the day.
  • Many have reported gastrointestinal issues. These include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. In nearly all cases, it is because the CBD dosage is simply too high. Most users experience immediate relief when they lower their dosage and just work their way up to a higher dosage from one week to another.
  • It can interfere and interact with certain prescription medications. If a person takes a medication that states that citrus and other products that are similar in nature should not be taken, they should avoid using CBD until approval from a licensed medical practitioner is obtained.
  • CBD can result in the thinning of the blood. If you have an issue with thin blood, your doctor should be consulted prior to dosing yourself to ensure your safety.
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Medical CBD

Cannabidiol obtained from hemp – which may or may not include very small traces of THC – is used for a variety of medical purposes; however, the Federal Drug Administration has only – thus far – approved it for the pharmaceutical-based purpose of treating seizure disorders in children.

This product is referred to as “Epidiolex”.

It is a pure CBD product that was developed, is marketed, and is sold as a type of anti-seizure medication.

In providing adult and children patients with this substance, it was determined that all people metabolize CBD in a different way.

The Federal Drug Administration is currently conducting many trials to determine what types of medical uses that CBD may be used for. While none are considered to be 100% conclusive at this point, it is looking as if many medical uses exist.

Many are taking the product and the following outlines a list of just a few of the issues that may be successfully treated by medical CBD:

  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Disorders Involving Mood Fluctuations
  • Immune System Issues
  • Chronic Pain Levels
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Neuropathy
  • And, More!

Determining Your Dosage and How to Use CBD

There are several different methods that CBD may be used. These include smoking and vaping, utilizing products that are edible, oral-based tinctures, and topical products that may be placed directly on the skin. Each method enters the system at a different rate and has unique effects on the user. In order to determine the proper CBD dosage, you should consider the following:

  1. How quickly do you need the substance to work?
  2. What starting dose has been recommended to you based on your individual needs?
  3. Which parts of the body do you need the CBD to impact?
  4. How long do you need the effects of the CBD to work?
  5. What time of day do you want to experience the effects of the CBD?

CBD Dosing Calculations

While the dosing calculations do vary from one person to another, many dosing charts have been created in order to help those that are new to CBD. The following information outlines low doses based on individual body weights:

  • Those that weight less than 130 pounds should take a total of 11mg of CBD or less when starting the substance.
  • Individuals that weigh over 130 pounds but less than 230 pounds should opt for a starting CBD dosage of 18 mg or less.
  • If one weighs over 230 pounds, they should start at 23mg or less.

If you are seeking to start on a high CBD dosage right from the start, you may use the following information as an outline of what dosage you should take:

  • If you weigh less than 130 pounds, you may start at 17mg or lower.
  • If you are more than 130 pounds up to 230 pounds, you may start at 27mg of CBD.
  • If you weigh over 230 pounds, starting at 45 mg or less is considered to be appropriate.

It is only advised that you start on the high side of CBD dosing if the condition in which you suffer results in debilitating symptoms. Examples include intense pain, extreme anxiety, and high levels of sickness as a result of cancer or another serious medical condition.

CBD is not considered to be a toxic or intoxicating substance, but you will experience side effects.

To determine what effects will be experienced, it is best to start low and move up slowly.

Is a CBD Overdose Possible?

To date, there is no documented reports of CBD overdoses. In fact, the National Cancer Institute has released information within a comprehensive report that states overdosing is not possible.

They based their information on the fact that the cannabinoid receptors that process CBD products are not responsible for controlling the respiration of the body.

It must be understood, though, that these products are relatively new. A lot of research is currently being conducted. While issues may be identified in the future, no current issues have occurred or stemmed from the use of pure CBD products that contain no or even small traces of THC.

Ready to Try?

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Our goal is your health.

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