The 7 Minute Workout - side plankFor the past few months, we have expounded – in detail – on all of the components of the 7 Minute Workout. Today, we conclude this series with the final exercise, side plank exercises. To date, you have been provided with general information about each of the physical activities that are part of the 7 Minute Workout, how to perform each of the exercises, the purpose and intent of each, and the health benefits associated with each exercise. Once you read today’s final installment of this series, you will have all of the information that you need to achieve physical fitness success, and then some!

What are Side Plank Exercises?
The side plank exercise is where you start on your right side and extend your legs. The hips and the feet should be rested on the ground. The top leg and foot should rest on the bottom leg and foot. Your right elbow should be placed immediately under the shoulder so that your torso is propped up. You should make certain that your head is aligned with the spine. Next, the core of your body should be gently contracted. The hips and the knees should be lifted from the floor. You should hold the position for up to 30 seconds, but, no less than 10 seconds. If you like, you may also work your way up to 60 seconds. Once you have reached the designated time frame, you should return to your starting position. Then, you will roll onto the other side of your body and perform the side plank exercise on the left side of the body.

The Purpose and Intent of Side Plank Exercises
The purpose and intent of side plank exercises are to build up the strength and the overall endurance of the core of the body. Not only will you be stronger, but, you will find that you have a higher level of stability and range of motion after performing this exercise. If the hips or the back is required in movements, you will find that it is easier to perform those movements and there is not as much play in these areas.

The Health Benefits
There are many different health benefits associated with performing side plank exercises. First, this exercise specifically targets the muscles, the thighs, the obliques, and several other regions of the body. By targeting these areas, the spine and the lower back region of the body will have a higher level of support and will develop more strength. Furthermore, since the exercise builds muscle, it also burns calories. This, in turn, helps in also burning fat.

Side Plank Exercises and the 7 Minute Workout
Side plank exercises are the final exercise associated with the 7 Minute Workout. If you are ready to improve the strength of your body, increase your range of motion, and increase your flexibility, you should ensure that you perform the 7 Minute Workout on a regular basis. If you are new to this series, you may go back to Part 1 by clicking HERE. To see the 7 Minute Workout, in its entirety, you may click HERE.


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