health-benefits-of-wall-squatsBack to Motion Physical Therapy recently provided you with comprehensive information about the popular 7 Minute Workout. Last week, we started a series to correspond with this workout, “The 7 Minute Workout: Health Benefits of ______”, that will outline each of the 12 exercises that are part of this workout regimen. Last week, you were provided with a brief introduction on jumping jacks and the benefits of these exercises were outlined for you. This week, in Part 2 of our series, you will be introduced to wall squats and the health benefits of these particular exercises. If you are looking for a quick and productive way to achieve all of your fitness goals, continue reading about the 7 Minute Workout. You are sure to discover that this is a positive and productive method of becoming physically fit. Now, let’s continue on to learn about wall squats and the true benefits of wall squats.

What are Wall Squats?
Wall squats are a special type of squat that is performed by starting in a standing position, with the back directly against the wall. You may remember them from gym class or an exercise class. Your feet will need to be placed approximately 12” in front of the body with a stance of a width of about your shoulders apart. The toes must be pointed forward. As you continue to lean against the wall, you should lower the body by sort of sliding down the wall until the knees are flexed at an angle of 90 degrees. Once you have reached this position, it should be held for anywhere from 2 to 5 seconds. Make sure that the weight of your body is placed on your heels, and not on your toes. The head should be kept in a straight position. Once you have held the stance for 2 to 5 seconds, you should then extend the legs in order to elevate the body back to the position which you started.

Purpose and Intent of Wall Squats
The purpose and intent of wall squats is to work the glutes, the quads, and the hamstrings. Squats are considered to be a special type of leg exercise, but, it has been established by medical professionals that this exercise aids in building muscles within the entire body by catalyzing the anabolic environment. According to physical therapists, wall squats are considered to be one of the absolute best functional-based exercises that are currently in existence. These types of squats help to promote mobility and increase balance.

The Health Benefits
There are numerous health benefits of wall squats. As mentioned previously, these types of squats help the entire body. The following outlines the main benefits that come with performing wall squats:

  1. Wall squats aid in burning fat from the body. This is because the exercise helps to develop muscle. When muscle is developed, calories are burned more quickly. When calories are burned more quickly, fat is also burned more quickly.
  2. Throughout history, many medical professionals have argued that wall squats are capable of being destructive to the knees; however, physical therapists have confirmed that this is not true. In fact, when the exercise is performed appropriately, the stability of the knees is optimized and the connective tissue is actually strengthened.
  3. Wall squats aid in toning the backside of your body, your abs, and other parts of the body. In fact, it has been established that there are very few other types of exercises that work as many muscles as this exercise. The muscles that are worked aid in regulating the glucose in the body which protects against insulin sensitivity. As a result, the wall squats help to protect the body against diabetes, cardiovascular-based diseases, and obesity.

Wall Squats and the 7 Minute Workout
One of the most beneficial aspects to the 7 Minute Workout is that it helps to exercise all of the parts of your body in a quick and efficient manner. The first exercises performed in this regimen are jumping jacks. The second exercise performed is wall squats. Instead of wearing your body down with long, drawn-out exercise sessions and complicated physical activities, why not go for one quick workout that is perfect for even the busiest of the busiest? You now know the health benefits of jumping jacks and wall squats. If you are ready to reap the rewards of the 7 Minute Workout, click the following link to see the entire workout:

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