We here at Back to Motion Physical Therapy would like to thank you for following our series, “Toning up for Tennis”.  In the past two installments of this series, you have learned how tennis is the ultimate workout, and how to improve muscle tone.

Toning up for tennis exercises part 3

In this final part of this series, you will learn the top 3 exercises for tennis.


exercises for tennis - LungesAccording to professional tennis players, one of the most productive exercises for improving body tone for tennis is lunges. It is common for a player to place the body into a partial lunge position or a full lunge position when attempting to reach a shot issued by their opponent.

By performing lunges, you will increase the power and performance of the legs and will be able to successfully reach that ball as your opponent carefully and artfully serves it – regardless of whether it is a long or a short. Lunges help to prevent injuries to the lower body as they improve the strength and the flexibility of both the joints and muscles of the knees and ankles.

To optimize power, use barbells or dumbbells to increase the resistance of the exercise.

Medicine Ball

exercises for tennis - medicine ballIf you have a desire to tone up for tennis, you absolutely must ensure that you utilize a medicine ball in your workout. If you visit Back to Motion Physical Therapy, our specialists will provide you with a comprehensive medicine ball workout.

Considered to be the ultimate staple when it comes to strength training, this is a popular piece of equipment among today’s athletes. It is best to use a relatively heavy ball and train with a therapist that will help guide you on your throws and the movements of your body.

This exercise training will help build up the chest muscles, the shoulders, the triceps, as well as all of the core muscles. In fact, the medicine ball is an effective means of getting a full-body workout.


exercises for tennis - chinupsOne of the most overlooked of all exercises for toning for tennis is the ever-popular chin-up. This exercise aids in the development of muscles in the upper back area, as well as the shoulders – two main areas of the body that have an impact on a tennis player’s performance. Not only will your body accumulate massive muscles mass, but, you will quickly find that your serve increases in speed and that you have a higher level of power.

Toning for tennis has the potential to be a fun, exciting, and highly rewarding endeavor; however, in order to reap the rewards associated with the activities that you have been introduced to, it is critical to enlist the assistance of a physical therapist. This fitness professional will be able to evaluate you, your medical history, and your physical fitness level to determine which types of exercises, classes, and programs are most appropriate for you – as an individual.

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